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With Emigo system, you can not only manage your business processes efficiently. Emigo changes alongside your goals, your team, and market challenges. You can smoothly adapt it to your current needs. Emigo's capabilities grow with your company. According to the rules set

How much your team can achieve, having the right tools?

Use multiple tools with only one account. Manage your team in one calendar view. Use the possibilities of remote sales visits. Ensure data security.

Integration with
Microsoft 365

Create sales visit steps
and processes

Define and create your company’s standards for sales visits, activities, and complex business processes. Automate your field work. React quickly to business and market needs.

Intelligent business analysis

Analyze data from Emigo and external sources. Gain knowledge, draw conclusions and make right decisions.


Map even the most complex business processes to Emigo with no programming skills needed . Adapt the solutions to your needs on an ongoing basis.

All the action in your hand

Emigo Core SFA automates work at every stage of a sales visit.

It ensures effective work planning, sales management, building relationships with customers and achieving goals. Helps you save money and time by route optimization, offline work and configuration without the involvement of developer. It allows you to track and analyze the results in real time. 
Thanks to the Image Recognition, you are able to check the visual merchandising and the numerical distribution just in seconds. Emigo makes it possible to react instantly and adapt to current conditions. Regardless of whether sales reps work with stores, pharmacies or medical staff.


Sales management at every stage

On-site work optimization

Easy design of the sales visit’s flow


Biqsens makes sense

The overwhelming amount of scattered data makes you miss the most important information?

Biqsens is an advanced analytical platform based on MS Power BI. It allows you to access the data from the Emigo system and external sources (for example from distributors or retail chains) in real time. You can analyze data about customers, products, promotions, supply chains or the results of your team in one tool. Anytime, anywhere, from any device. You will receive valuable insights about your company's directions and trends. You don't have to worry about time-consuming data processing. Data access is granted according to the hierarchy and role in the company, which guarantees the highest level of data security.

70 ready-to-use reports

Data from various sources accessible in one solution

Automatic suggestions for further actions


Integrate - Dominate!

Would you like to log into multiple systems quickly and securely with just one click?

Integration with Microsoft 365 platform gives access to Emigo or Biqsens just with AAD login to M365 account. It allows sales representative to perform remote visits using MS Teams. You can also manage your team from a single Outlook calendar. It enables mass operations on huge data sets in MS Excel thanks to Emigo Data Tools. The data from multiple sources can be further analyzed in Biqsens.

Safe and fast login to multiple systems

Easier team management

Greater work efficiency


Replace hard with smart

Did you know that you don't need developers to tailor IT solutions to your needs?

Thanks to intuitive no-code editors, business processes can be easily mapped into the system - without any programming. You can design and freely modify the course of a sales visit, and even more complex tasks. Thanks to the no-code, you will save time and costs which you have so far spent on system’s configuration.

You can also use premade process templates that we will adapt to your needs. With their help, you will conduct Perfect Store research in stores, increase the competences of your team thanks to coaching, or plan, execute and settle local promotional campaigns


Ready-made business process templates

Easy customization of solutions to specific needs

System configuration without programming


Check out which companies have gained a competitive advantage by using our solutions.

Emigo provides all the above solutions and functions that can be expected from a high-class SFA system. It is a product that has become the choice of dozens of manufacturers due to its reliability, high level of security and the ability to adapt to the individual needs of the company.

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